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Sound for the Soul

Use the power of vibration to connect with
your heart and highest self

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing by Sacred Sounds Monterey utilizes the ancient therapeutic traditions of crystal bowls and vocalizations to improve mental health and overall physical wellbeing. 

Sound vibrations are a tool everyone can use to clear and release pent up energies and anxieties, stuck or rigid thought forms, and belief blockages that are no longer wanted or needed in our lives.  


We can use sound & vibration to help let go of our resistance that keeps us from expressing our Joy, Gratitude and Loving the Life we Live!

Sound Healing is for everyone!

From tweens to boomers, the sacred sounds of crystal bowls can help anyone align, feel more connected to self, and feel calmer and more centered. 

Sacred Sounds Monterey welcomes people of all faiths.

Sound therapy is nondenominational practice and provides physical and emotional benefits

no matter what your belief system is.

Singing bowls originated in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago, and made their way to the regions of Tibet, Nepal and India which all have singing bowls in their history and culture dating back some 2,000 years.

Meet Amelia

Meet ValiAnna

ValiAnna is a practicing Bowl Master, using Sacred Sounds and Crystal Medicine Singing Bowls to weave empowerment and a love to heal the heart and the soul. 


With her many years of Shamanic studies, together with the sacred crystal singing bowls and her spirit voice, she weaves a powerful loving opening to heal the heart and soul. Her life's mission is to share the power of sound for the transformation of humanity, guiding individuals and humanity through a profound opening of the heart and soul.

ValiAnna found her passion for crystal singing bowls 15 years ago in Mt. Shasta after a camping trip, where she purchased her first 2 beautiful Alchemy crystal bowls. After playing for herself, she realized how much they touched her heart and were transforming her life.  She knew that she needed to share these powerful transformational tools with others.


Eventually, she found her way to study with Tom Kenyon, a world renowned Sound Healer, and she received her sound healer's certification. Afterwards, ValiAnna retired from her career of 45 years in dentistry to pursue her mission of sharing the transformative power of sound vibrations with humanity. 


ValiAnna currently lives on the Monterey Bay and offers her services both locally and beyond. 

Participants of sound healing have experienced various degrees of healing, emotion release, mental clarity, inspiration and an opening into higher consciousness on the spiritual and cosmic realms.

Working with Sound Can Help To...

Reduce stress
& anxiety
Help to release past traumas from the body
Improve energy levels
Decrease physical pain
Improve Sleep
Help to manage menopausal symptoms
And, in general, sound healing can improve your mood, help to release emotional blockages, and increase your connection to self, 

~ Join ValiAnna at a community event ~

From weekly events to special events & workshops, there's something for everyone!

2020-06-12 17.15.19.jpg

Sacred Sounds Monterey provides services on the Monterey Bay Peninsula, including Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Big Sur, as well as further north in Watsonville and Santa Cruz. 

Want to book ValiAnna for somewhere else? No problem!

Additional travel surcharges may apply....

... "have bowls, will travel". 

Explore the Space

The Sacred Sounds studio is located off of Highway 68 in Monterey. 
All services can also be done in the comfort of your own home or space for an additional fee. 


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